Explain the importance of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the resulting developments; include Earth Day, the Creation of the EPA and modern day environmental policy

Rachel Carson wrote the book “Silent Springs” which put the environmental movement into the mainstream. The book talked about the issues with water pollution and how we are killing our environment with facts and statistics that both shocked and scared the country. It allowed the regular person to understand easily how the environment, and the pollution of it effected them. This book was written in 1962. After the environmental field got notice Earth Day was created which is a day of celebration for our Earth, and awareness of global issues. The book prompted legislative action as well as the creation of Earth day by getting people to start sharing their concern with the government over our environment. The NEPA was created and requires governmental agencies to check the effect their decisions would have on the environment. The EPA is meant to regulate environmental policies having to do with green house gas emissions, recycling, waste, water, and pesticides along with other chemicals. The EPA was made to be an environmental regulatory branch of the government.

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The introduction of environmental issues and Earth Day which helps to educate everyone on the Earth was huge, especially with rapidly increasing pollution and population numbers. This field becomes more and more important every year and the mainstreaming of it allowed it to be a large concern for most people and allowed people to become more environmental conscious and friendly.


Project: EARTH DAY by Andrew Cox


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