Analyze the anti-Vietnam war movement

The anti-Vietnam war movement brought along a wave of music, and hippie culture. Many campaigned for peace, colleges hosted sit-ins, and students burned their draft cards. The hawks supported the war and wanted the United States to actively fight the communist North Vietnamese. The doves on the other hand campaigned for peace. The anti-war movement caused a period of inactivity in areas other than arts areas, due to the focus being on the war. This movement was fueled by televised footage straight from the war that made it seem destructive and hopeless. The United States did end up pulling out of Vietnam.


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The anti-war movement during Vietnam revealed some of the evils about our government and gave people a distrust in the government that continues until today. I have to agree with the anti-war movement since other than being an opportunity to flex our military power, the war ended up being pointless, destructive, and arguably a loss for the United States.





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