Explain Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society; include the establishment of Medicare

Lyndon B. Johnson initiated a set of domestic reforms that he called “The Great Society” while he was in office. He wanted to eliminate poverty, injustice based on race, and insure that everyone was looked after with medicare and other things that intended to ensure that seniors were protected especially since they couldn’t work. The Great Society can be seen as one of the largest set of reforms to come to the United States since the New Deal program that was instituted by FDR. It looked to revolutionize our society and make it better than that of yesterday. Medicare was under the Social Security act and was put in as part of the Great Society. It was funded by the taxpayer as all governmental programs are and was made to ensure that the elderly had access to medical services despite a lack of income or money due to age.


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The set up of the Great Society showed strong federal support for not only racial equality but education and the elderly, reminding the people that were feeling possibly left out at the time that the government was still there for them, and this can be seen in the massive amount of legislation that was passed as part of the Great Society. This set of programs not only furthered the Civil Rights Movement but also aided in getting more people educated. Helpful reforms were also passed, like medicare that are commonly used today by most senior citizens for aid with medical expenses. The Great Society can be seen as one of the most important set of reforms our government has ever put out.



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