Describe the causes and consequences of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights act of 1965.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was first proposed by Kennedy and then signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson. The act was first opposed with much criticism from members of the senate and house that represented the southern states. After finally being signed into law, the Civil Rights Act banned discrimination in public places and employment discrimination fro origin, race, religion, or sex. In Johnson’s first State of the Union address he said that the session he was in would do more for Civil Rights than has been done in the last one-hundred sessions combined. After this the 24th Amendment was passed. This Amendment said that United States elections should never be able to limit certain people to vote through failure to pay poll tax or any other tax.  the second section of the Amendment gives congress the power to enforce the Amendment in order to allow more people to vote. Now that minorities had the aid of the government in being able to vote despite high poll taxes that states would try to individually give minorities, more people were able to vote. After this, to further advance the abilities for minorities to vote the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed. This act was also signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson. It was written to get passed the legal barriers that were imposed by state and local governments in order to prevent African Americans from voting. This new law made the literacy tests, false application status for voting, and other methods of preventing African Americans from voting illegal, thus allowing more African Americans to vote or challenge unfair polls.


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The ability to vote was given to African Americans shortly after the abolition of slavery. With this being said, many African American families have never even voted due to Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, and other things that were put in place to not allow African Americans to exercise their right to vote. Under the end of Kennedy’s presidency and during Johnson’s presidency huge leaps were made in Civil Rights that allowed minorities to finally have a voice in their government. Without these acts I am not sure that African Americans and other minorities would ever be able to gain equal rights, because they need voting and a say in government to get equal rights and I do not think that would have occurred without the push by the federal government.




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