ID Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball.

Jackie Robinson in 1947 became the first African American in the MLB, being brought on by the Brooklyn Dodgers. The league including Robinson’s own teammates were originally against an African American being allowed into the MLB. Jackie Robinson quickly became one of the leagues best players however, and quickly earned the respect of anyone involved in the sport of baseball especially since he responded in a non-violent and aggressive way to criticism.  After 1947 more African Americans began to play baseball and the percent of African Americans in the MLB greatly increased.

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Jackie Robinson’s integration into the MLB was a huge step in the Civil Rights Movement. It officially let Americans know that race has nothing to do with athleticism or ability to compete or be with white people. Without Robinson’s integration I can not be certain as to how quickly African Americans would be able to compete as competitive sports. The MLB also gave Robinson a platform from which he could spread the Civil Rights Movement’s ideas, getting more and more people involved and aiding to evolve social norms, making me believe that Jackie Robinson was essential to the Civil Rights Movement.



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