Explain the importance of President Truman’s order to Integrate the US military and the federal government.

Executive order 9981 put an end to racial segregation and unfair treatment of racially diverse troops in the United States military. This order greatly impacted the military and federal government by changing the way units could be operated and the way people have worked in the government for years. This executive order was important because African Americans represented ten percent of the United States workforce and during the cold war every one in the United States needed to work their hardest so that the United States could stay superior to the Soviets. This act not only officially ended racial segregation in the military but also gave backing for the entire civil rights movement, because if a man of a different background could risk his life with you why couldn’t he eat with you, sit with you, or put his kids in the same school as yours?

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While looking up the subject of executive order 9981 and Truman’s desegregation of the military it hit me that the primary reason to desegregate the military was to get more manpower for the cold war, not for racial justice which bothered and surprised me. This executive order also changed the face of our military forever. With the desegregating of the military it allowed the civil rights movement to advance with one order since it promoted equality, allowed the military to better represent the American population, and allow a stronger bond to be formed between different Americans.




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